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What is not currently provided?


  • We do not provide hotel bathrobes.

  • We do not provide beach towels if you get out on the river (and our luxury bath towels should never leave the property.


  • We provide no food service.

    • Many folks pack a cooler for their stay.

    • Keep in mind, the nearest grocery store is 10-15 minutes away.

    • There are a large number of great restaurants in our area. See a comprehensive list here.

    • YES - We DO have a SPECIAL ORDER Bakery as part of the property BUT advanced orders are always required. There is no grab & go retail shop.


  • Again, there is no television reception in any cabin.


  • There are no phones in the cabins & depending on your provider, spotty cell service.

    • There is a phone for guests to use in the Check-In Office, if needed.


  • There is no large ice machine on the property.

    • There are filled ice trays in each freezer.


  • There is no public laundry facility on the property.


  • We provide no activities here at the property. For "opportunities" in the area see here.


  • With these being what is known as "housekeeping cabins," daily maid service is not provided.

    • Are you staying several nights & does your cabin now need “freshening up?” Let Cowboy Joe know & it will be attended to, under most circumstances, by mid-afternoon.


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