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The Kickapoo Valley Guest Cabins... After Dark


One of the incredible "gifts" that we have afforded our guests is very little exterior illumination. Yes, after dark IT IS DARK!

For many folks, there is joy in seeing so many stars at night! For some, this level of "darkness" can be a bit unsettling. It is why we have all but required our first-time guests to arrive before sundown. To bring home this point, we offer these photographic commentaries:

The Property
in the Summer

Simply put, in the Spring, Summer & Fall, arriving at The Kickapoo Valley Guest Cabins is, well, a piece of cake! Easy to see where to pull in & where to park & where to walk up to the Check-In Office (located in the green roofed Colorado style barn.)

The Property
in the Winter

Even in the Winter, during daylight hours, The Kickapoo Valley Guest Cabins is clearly recognizable & navigating to the Check-In Office is easy.

The Property at dusk

However, once the sun starts to set & light begins to fade, recognizing this here as The Kickapoo Valley Guest Cabins can become a bit more of a challenge. Where are you supposed to pull in? And park? And where is the Check-In Office? Frustrations can regretfully increase if you don't know what you are looking for.

The Property
in the dark of night

Then, after dark, even by just a few minutes, virtually nothing is recognizable. Though you may have set your odometer at Hwy 131 and have driven the exact milage to the driveway out front, then what? Where do you park? Where do you check in?

The very best solution?

Please, listen to Cowboy Joe. First-time guests need to arrive before dark.

You will thank us when you do!

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