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What are the Kickapoo Valley Ranch's policies?


  •  All cabin rates are effective March 1st, 2024 and may be subject to change without prior notice. 


  •  Cabin rates are based on standard industry double occupancy with a fee of $20.00 for each additional child & $30.00 for each additional adult (limited to two in all cabins except the Albertella Homestead) and include all the in-cabin amenities.

    • The Albertella will sleep six guests if there are children included OR is limited to four guests, if just adults.

    • A "guest" is considered to be anyone over the age of 12 months when it comes to pricing. However, cabin capacities DO include infants.

    • When allowed, a single night stay has a fee of $50.00 over the price of the cabin's normal base rate.


  •  Cabin rentals are limited to adults over the age of eighteen (18.)

    • Guests under the age of eighteen are welcomed only if accompanied in the same cabin by a parent or
      legal guardian.


  • Reservations are confirmed with the receipt of a credit card deposit equal to one night or 50% of guest’s stay (whichever is greater) during PEAK SEASON (May through October) and are always paid in full for all other seasons (November through April.)

    • Deposits not received or credit cards that cannot be processed within 48 hours may result in a reservation request being "cancelled" without notice.

    • ALL reservations require a valid credit card to be on file, even if paying by cash, check or gift certificate.

    • Contact Cowboy Joe for additional details or questions. 


  • ALL standard cancellation/change policies apply to ALL bookings regardless of season or deposit amount.
    To that end, a refund of a reservation's deposit will be offered if a cancellation notice is received
    thirty (30) calendar days prior to guest’s arrival date. Normally, a refund is processed within 7 to 10 business days. Refunds over $500.00, at times, may take an additional 5 to 7 business days. Time frames for a refund over $750.00 will be discussed and agreed upon at the time of verbal cancellation.

    • All cancellations will incur a processing fee. The fee is $50.00 or 7.5% of the amount being refunded,
      whichever is more. That processing fee amount is also taxed at 5.5% of the fee.

    • Deposits for group bookings of four or more cabins will not be refunded under any circumstances. Contact Cowboy Joe at 608-625-6222 to discuss. A group booking is a guest booking four or more cabins for the same dates/time frame OR multiple (4 or more) reservations for themselves over multiple dates done at one time.

    • Cancellations made between 30 & 14 days of your arrival will be offered a one-time rebooking, OR we can hold your deposit for you for a date yet to be determined. Otherwise deposits can be forfeited, if guest chooses.

    • Under normal circumstances, cancellations within 14 days & 72 hours of your arrival time frame will forfeit guest’s deposit.

    • Under normal circumstances, cancellations of a rebooked stay will also forfeit guest’s deposit.

  • Between 30 & 14 days of your arrival, a 50% fee of the regular nightly rate will be assessed to all early departure days or shortened days (not promotional pricing but the regular posted current nightly rate.)

  • Between 14 days and 72 hours of your arrival check-in time frame, bookings cannot be cancelled, shortened, altered, shifted, or adjusted.

  • Weather and personal emergencies cannot be a factor in deviating from the above cancellation policies including, health related issues or the regretful loss of a family member.
    *Folks, fourteen day weather forecasts are often pretty accurate. If a snowstorm hits, it doesn't just suddenly appear out of nowhere.
    *Please, do not ask us to be financially responsible for your emergencies. 


  •  A "no show" is considered to be any guest that simply never shows up for their reservation OR a guest that attempt to cancel a reservation within 72 hours of our normal check-in. A "no show" is responsible for 100% of the cost of their full reservation. Also, within 72 hours of arrival, a guest is 100% financially responsible for any nights a guest requests to "check out early."


  •   Check-in is limited to between 4pm and 7pm; check-out is by 11am.

    • Early arrival deviations from these time frames will be considered but not guaranteed. We graciously state that, though you may be on vacation and have "no schedules," to prepare your cabin & others, OUR schedules are tight. Please, call us, IN ADVANCE, so that we can make every effort to accommodate your arrival.

    • First-time guests are "all but required" to arrive during standard check-in time frame. Why you may ask?  See here for more information...

    • Repeat guests may be afforded some additional latitude regarding check-in time.

    • Please remember, we are a small boutique facility without extra staff so we need to be informed if a delay in your arrival will occur.

    • "LATE" arrivals that require a "check-in" (ALL FIRST TIME GUESTS) of 9, 10, 11pm are never an option. Please plan accordingly. If you've never been here before & arrive that late you will not be able to stay the night even though you will still be responsible for your entire stay. Emergencies are the only exception. Call to discuss.


  •   All cabins are 100% smoke-free.

    • Smoking is permitted on porches BUT, please, make sure windows and doors are closed when doing so.

    • Ashtrays are provided in cabinet above microwave.


  •   Please, absolutely no candles or open flames in or around the cabins.

  •   Please, do not bring grills with open flames. Electric grills are provided.

  •   Guests that cause damage from moving furniture, indoor smoking, extreme kitchen mishaps, etc... will be charged for extra cleaning and/or replacement cost. Our cabins & property are maintained to perfection and we keep careful photographic records of everything. If, when you check into your cabin, you are concerned about the condition or functionality of anything, we encourage you to contact the management immediately. We will not get into a back & forth on something that we know was damaged during your stay. A broken wine glass is logically an accident that happens from time to time. Using the counter as your cutting board is not. We ask that you help maintain our pristine property for all those that will be enjoying it after you. 

  •   Sneak a pet in? It is absolutely impossible for this to go unnoticed and an extra cleaning fee will be charged. Often as much as 150% of your booking fee to cover deep cleaning costs.


  •   ALL CABINS NOW HAVE A SMART TV! (Bring your streaming passwords!)

    • All cabins still have a DVD player. A couple cabins have blue ray players (that also play DVDs.)

    • We also offer a nice sized library of DVDs that guests can borrow during their stay.

  • There is no local TV reception except, potentially, through the SmartTV apps.


  •   For the safety & security of you, the staff & other guests, absolutely NO UNREGISTERED GUESTS will be allowed on the property. Our guests (you) CANNOT HAVE GUESTS OF ANY KIND AT ANY TIME unless you speak to management before they arrive and preferably before you arrive.

    • Anything but 100% compliance could result in you being asked to leave without refund.


  •   Please make every effort to keep your vehicular speed at 15 miles per hour while on driveways & in parking areas. One never knows who or what might be right around the bend or when you might come up to a speed bump.


  •   We are a quiet, country “Sanctuary” getaway. We are this because that is what you all have preferred us to be for over 20 years now.

    • If here with a family or group, please, limit outdoor time. Remember, there is no swimming pool, no playground, and no place to go outside on the property and "kick a ball." Outdoor activities on the property are not an option.

    • Please keep voices down when outside & on porches.

    • No music outside.

    • We are a 100% "no drone zone." Absolutely no drone use while on our property.
      If you are out on The Reserve with one, please, do not fly it over this property.
      Violations from this strict policy will likely result in your removal from the property
      and a report to the authorities. We are a NO DRONE ZONE. No exceptions.

    • We are also a "no ATV zone." Though folks may legally be allowed to use ATVs on some of our region's roadways, you are not allowed to haul in ATVs and come & go from the property on them. No exceptions. Ever.

    • And please, when outside of your cabin or car, keep cell phone use to a minimum. 

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