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What should we bring for our Kickapoo Valley cabin getaway?


Whether you get “out & about” or just “hang out” on your cabin’s porch here are a few suggestions…


  • Layers – Mornings & evenings can be cool in the Kickapoo Valley.

    • Turtlenecks & long sleeve shirts are recommended with a sweater or light jacket.

    • By midday, temperatures can sometimes change 20 to 30+ degrees or more.


  • Long pants – Perfect for hiking or biking in the woods to protect from scratches & ticks! 


  • Hiking boots – There are incredible hiking in the Valley!  Trails can be extremely rugged. 


  • Sunglasses, caps or hats with brims & sunscreen; it is so important to protect your eyes & skin from the sun.

    • Don’t forget the lip balm with sunscreen.

    • And make sure you bring some bug spray & bottled water for hiking if you get into the deep woods.  


  • Warm coat or sweater – Temperatures can fluctuate quite a bit here!

    • And winter can get downright frigid! 


  • Fishing gear – Just off the property, the Kickapoo River has wonderful fishing as do many of the creeks and rivers a short drive from your cabin door.

    • Weister Creek, adjacent to the property, is rated class A for trout fishing.

    • Don't forget your appropriate fishing licenses since they are not available on-site and some locations in the area that do offer licensing may not always be open or easily accessible.


  • Personal gear for canoeing!

    • There are several canoe liveries not far from the property so you can paddle down the Kickapoo River.

    • Don’t forget zip-lock baggies for anything you don’t want to get wet!

    • And the cabin bath towels are not allowed off the property so if you intend to canoe, a couple beach towels might come in handy.


  • Bicycles & biking gear – There is great “on-road” & off-road biking in the area, as well!


  • Don’t forget your camera and binoculars!!!


  • And don't forget some cards, board games, a good book, or a few DVD's, just in case the weather isn't conducive to spending time outdoors.

  • YOUR STREAMING SERVICE PASSWORDS! All cabins have SmartTVs now but you will need your own account information to access any of the subscription services.

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