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The Llamas of The Kickapoo Valley Ranch


Wait until you meet this motley crew!!!


In September of 2010, we decided the time was right to "add to the family!" We'd like to introduce you to the current cast of characters!
***Several are for sale! Call us at 608-625-6222 to inquire about details!

Hello. I'm Aldonza!

Aldonza! Or formally known as Aldonza Juana Esperanza!

(We've always thought that animals should have grande names!!!) She joined The Llama Herd is 2012.
Mom to
Jax Humberto (2013) and to Christama Jasinth (2015.)

Hello. I'm Dulcinae!

Dulcinae also joined us in 2012.
Mom to Little Dorothea Marguarite (2013) and Davinia Magdaleen (2015.)


Hello. I'm
Maximilian Reginald!

Maximilian Reginald was our first baby cria born here
in 2011.
His mom was HiJinx who is now at The Rainbow Bridge.

Hello. I'm
Santiago Javier!

Santiago Javier is the first of three crias born in 2013.

Born to also to HiJinx (who is now in Heaven.)

Hello. I'm
Jax Humberto!

Jax Humberto was Aldonza's first baby born in 2013.
Cowboy Joe even helped birth him! Ask him about it!!!

Hello. I'm Little
Dorothea Marguarite!

Little Dorothea Marguarite is Dulcinae's first born here at the property (2013.)
It is incredible how much mother and daughter look alike!

Christama Jacinth
Hello. I'm
Christama Jacinth!

Christama Jacinth is Aldonza's second born here (2015.)

Davinia Magdaleen
Hello. I'm
Davinia Magdaleen!

Davinia Magdaleen is Dulcinae's second born here (2015.)

Berlinda Elianitta
Hello. I'm
Berlinda Elianitta!

Berlinda Elianitta was HiJinx's third born here at

the property (2015) before she passed in 2017.
We all love her piercing steel blue eyes!

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