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Can guests bring their well-behaved pet with them to the property?



  • We offer no accommodations for guest owned pets OF ABSOLUTELY ANY SPECIES at the Kickapoo Valley Guest Cabins, INCLUDING guest owned horses.

    • Because the next guest could be highly allergic to your cat or dog (or bird or snake or anything,) they could never be allowed in your cabin.

    • It is also important to understand that, though your pet is incredibly well behaved in many situations, when put in an unfamiliar environment, accidents & problems can often occur.

    • We want this to be a "sanctuary getaway" for you; time to look into a pet sitter or a brief stay at the local kennel.

    • Noncompliance will result in an extra cabin cleaning fee, potentially as much as 150% of your
      full cabin rate or more.

    • Any damage as a result of noncompliance will also result in extra fees being assessed.

      ***Service animals:

    • Service animals, usually dogs, are highly trained to perform specific tasks to assist those with disabilities.

    • Conversely, an ESA is very, very different. In these incredibly challenging times, more and more folks are turning to emotional support animals (ESAs) for comfort and to get though the day with less stress and less challenges. We as human beings, here at The Kickapoo Valley Guest Cabins, believe that ESAs can be beneficial - our pets are the best medicine!

    • So, the question at hand is, since we offer no accommodations for guest owned pets, do we allow service animals. Yes, we absolutely do. The updated regulations from the ADA require that ALL places that offer a service must allow a service animal; a highly trained animal that does specific work or performs a specific task to assist those with disabilities.

***Service animals are allowed on the premises. Please inform the team when you book your reservation that you will have a service animal with you.

Since an ESA is first & foremost a pet and not a trained service animal, they are not allowed.

Please note: The same standards of clean and quiet, logically, also applies to service animals.

Non-compliance (outside of standard cleaning practices here) could result in extra cleaning fees.

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